NRI -Business in India

Business in India

NRI can operate or invest in Indian Business in the following ways:

· Branch/Liaison office with prior permission from RBI (profits of the Branch can be fully repatriated).

· Indian company which is 100% wholly owned subsidiary/ Joint Venture on repatriation and non-repatriation basis without permission of RBI in most of the sectors. For investments on repatriation basis, the prohibited sectors include retail trading, domestic wholesale trading and print media besides a few others.

· Partnership/ Proprietary business on non-repatriation basis (income is on repatriation basis) in any activity except in agriculture, plantation and real estate (except real estate development) without permission from RBI.

It is very important to note that now even the sale proceeds of investments held on non-repatriation basis can be repatriated up to USD 1 million per calendar year.


  1. PAN card number is a 10 digit alphanumeric allocated by the Income Tax Department to an individual. The modern term PAN takes the standard plastic bank card shape. It contains the photo of the holder, the date of birth, the release date and a home roll, which acts as an additional security feature.
    Application for PAN application is to be compatible with Article 114 of the Income Tax Rules. According to Rule 114, application of PAN application should be made at Form 49A. Follow the application form
    a)All fields marked (*) are mandatory.
    b) All the information should be filled in English.
    c) Only one alphabet can be entered in one box and separate two words with a blank
    d) Affix 2 recent color photo with white background. These photographs should not be made or agreed on the stand. The clarity of the image on the PAN card depends on the quality and clarity of the photo attached to the authentication. The applicant must sign a part of the signature and a part of the photo and part of the form accepting the sign on the left.
    e) The applicant must sign in the place of approval in the approval form.
    f) Other than individuals, the signing of the authorized signing will be signed and the appropriate stamp and stamp
    Please note that someone who has already allocated a personal 10 digit alphanumeric pot can not apply for a new number. Instead they may apply to the new PAN Card with the same number or request for the existing changes / revision by paying the applicable fee.
    The applicant can verify the status of his application through NSDL website after 3 days. The applicant does not approve of her. Or the date and date of birth on the link specified below will show that situation. Your SMS You can check the stance with the SMS. To verify the situation through SMS, type: NSDL PAN to your 15 digit number and 57575.
    To modify or modify the PAN data, you must complete all the compulsory departments of the form and choose the appropriate box.
    If you do not have any changes in the applicant's PAN data, fill up all the fields in the form, but do not select any box on the left margin if you wish to re-order the PAN card.
    To cancel the bann, fill all the compulsory fields in the form, cancel the correct column of the form and select the box on the left margin.


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