Making Tax Payment Online

Making Tax Payment Online for Individual Assessee’s
1. Log on at
2. Go Blog Roll on the right panel
3. Click on e-payment tax on line
4. Find your bank in the list, if it is there then only u can make online payment otherwise not
5. Select the relevant Chillan for Individual assessee it is ITNs 280
7. Fill in all your details like PAN name address …..
8. Assessment year for the financial year ending March 10 is 10-11
9. Type Of Payment>check>(300)SELF ASSESSMENT TAX
10. Select your bank name
11. Go ahead now it will take u to your bank portal
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  1. I have never come acorss the process of paying tax to be so simple and precise. It took me approx 2mins to complete the transaction. (Onbehalf of Sidharth Khandelwal)


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