Procedure for filing

Procedure for filing Income Tax Returns through CA P M Mittal
1. Handing over documents for IT filing by the employee to us
2. Processing at our office
3. If more than one form 16 or additional income other than mentioned in form 16 then an SSI is emailed to the employee for confirmation of the calculation so emailed. If fall in this category and have not received any email from us do send an email to us.
4. Preparation of ITR in soft copy for filing to the deptt.
5. Creation of userID and password at income tax of India website, for which employee sometimes receives a confirmation email from the IT authorities.
6. Uploading of the data of ITR at income tax of India website, for which employee sometimes receives an Acknowledgement from the IT authorities.
7. An email of the ITR acknowledgement is sent to the employee in the 1st week of August by us as a confirmation that the ITR has been filed, before that no other confirmation is sent if everything is fine.
8. This acknowledgment needs to be sent to P M Mittal’s office by courier (two copies signed by the employee/asseesse)
9. These acknowledgements are submitted to the IT department from our office.
10. It is not possible in bulk filing cases to call each and every one and inform that his ITR has been filed. We are sending email when there is some problem.

Problems that we are facing
1. In Step 3 confirmation is not received from the employees: It’s a request to check your email and at least send an acknowledgement email - that they have received the calculation sheet. Note that computation is sent only where there is additional information besides one form 16.
2. In Step 5 in some cases due to error in the name or date of birth we are not able to create your userID. Request to create your userID and password at click here the password either should be emailed to me or it should be set as your PAN in capital letters.

Please send all your queries by email at I will reply to your email with 3-4 hours.



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