Wrong information in form 16

Query - During the starting of this year when my Company was collecting proof of doc. for HRA, by mistake I have given some wrong doc. So they didn’t accept and disqualified the amount of exemption for HRA.
I want to claim the same HRA now while filing the ITR, is it possible now?

Ans - Form 16 information can be updated at the time of filing the ITR.
If you have not given or have given some wrong information/documents to the employer company.
Then at the time of filing the Income tax return you can change/alter the calculations shown in the form 16 by providing a supplement sheet known as ‘statement of statutory Income’.

Here You can provide the correct details of HRA and rent receipts to tax professional, so that correct income tax return can be prepared and filed. Based on the revised calculation you can claim the refund if any or pay tax liability if arises.


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