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How to Download your ITR –V i.e., Income Tax Return

How to Download your ITR –V i.e., Income Tax Return 1. Log on at 2. Use Your PAN no. in caps as your userID & Password 3. On the right panel click ‘ My Account ’ 4. Then Click ‘ my return ’ 5. Then press ‘ submit ’ 4. Save the PDF file 5. Print 3 copies (two for me and one for you) 6. Sign it on the front (at sign here) 7. Put the name of your employer on the back side of the ITR-V acknowledgement 8. Courier the signed copies(two) at 1stFloor, 4831 Govind Lane, 24 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002 We will file the ack. with the Income Tax Authorities

File ITR 1,2 & 4 for Resident, NRI, Apply PAN, Get Refund save income by tax planning 1. e-Income tax return 2. Apply for e-pan card 3. For Claiming Double Taxation rebate i.e., tax has been deducted on the same salary in US 4. Long Awaited pending refunds -Assurance to get the refund with in 3 months or the fee will be refunded 5. Overview Salary [right click to save target] 6. Digital Signature - for 2year at Rs.1,100/-only Above services are provided by qualified professional Chartered Accountants For any further queries do ask me ? or write in at